They Call Me Justy

Yes, it's me
I have IVA
But I'm smart and strong
And I love to play

With dumpies, dozers
And monster trucks too
I see a backhoe working
And I shout YAHOO!


I like to keep busy
So I don't get dusty
My friends and family
They call me Justy



My muscles are big
And my legs are long
Dad is teaching me
Right from wrong


I may not eat
The things you do
But on my diet
I'll grow like you



Then I will be
As big as Dad
And smart enough
To be a Grad


Yes, I am special
And I am rare
Cute as a button
And I have flare




So don't be sad
When you think of me
Cuz I'm just as happy
As I can be!


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Copyright, Feb 1999~Terilyn Q. DePaolo

Revised 5/23/02