Begin to Live

Looking back on my life and what I see
is like a terrible torture to me

Nightmares filled with sadness and pain
in denying these things there is no gain

So I know I can no longer hide
from all the memories locked inside

It's the hardest thing I have ever done
to let them out in the light of the sun

It's a treacherous road to muddle through
but it is something that I must do

Or I will never again breathe fresh air
or be able to show anyone care

I want my spirit to soar high above
and for the first time to feel love

Most of all, myself I must forgive
so that I can one day begin to live

With this in mind and deep in my heart
I know I'm off to a truly great start

So try not to fuss and worry over me
because very soon I will be free

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