Grandpa's Touch
In Loving Memory of Grandpa Elmer

I couldn't have been
but four or five,
but it's a memory
very much alive.

The lights were
lying all about.
When dad got them working
we gave a shout.

All were filled
with Christmas joy,
as we hoped
for that one wanted toy.

Then came the phone's
ringing sound --
mom answered it
then it hit the ground.

She started to run,
through the house crying --
just missed the lights
without even trying.

Her daddy, our grandpa
so dearly beloved,
went to be with God
in heaven above.

Christmas has never
been quite the same.
The loss filled our hearts
with sadness and pain.

Thirty years later
I still miss him so much.
What I wouldn't give
to feel Grandpa's touch.

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