Something to Remember

Thank you for the helping hands,
you give us when we fall.
At times our spirit wanes,
and we can only crawl.

Thank you for the guidance,
you give along the way.
For apple trees and zebras,
and another sunny day.

Thank you for the freedom
to act the way we choose.
It's taken for granted,
and something we misuse.

Thank you for forgiveness,
when we're not walking right.
You cast away the darkness,
while leading us to light.

Thank you for the peace,
we ask for in prayer,
for providing safety
from the dark betrayer.

Thank you for the wisdom
to know right from wrong,
for the skies of blue,
and the angels' song.

Thank you for the love
You lavish on each child,
for your words of truth,
and the beauty of the wild.

Thank you for salvation
which You paid so dearly for.
It's something to remember
as we're seeking heaven's door.

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