The Sounds
of Christmas

Let's take in
The sounds of Christmas
Church bells ringing
In the distance

The humming of
The light display
The hush of snow
On a winter's day

The swish of tinsel
As you pass
The tink of bulbs
Made from glass

The soulful strains
Of the carolers' song
The sigh of a sleigh
As it's pulled along

The crackle of fire
Upon the grate
The murmur of prayers
On this holy date

The rustle of paper
While opening presents
The fluttering of angel

The chatter of family
All gathered around
Where happiness, joy
And laughter abound

The bustle of friends
As they deck the hall
Words of good will
Are shared with all

Whispers of those
No longer here
Yet in our hearts
Their words are clear
They wish us well
And much good cheer
Today, tomorrow
And in the New Year…

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