The Spirit of God

On all of His children
God has grinned,
as surely as
the blowing of the wind.

The spirit swirls
and settles on you,
like a sprinkling
of morning dew.

In you, His light
begins to glow,
like the hues
of a rich rainbow.

The soulful fires
that have begun,
burn as radiant
as the sun.

With new peaks
your life quickly fills,
like a landscape
scattered with hills.

There are many things
He longs to teach,
outnumber the sands
on the beach.

These things
you can never deny,
for they are as clear,
as the sky.

And there is something
you can do,
to draw this heaven
unto you,

Just turn your face
away from sin
and open your heart
to let Him in.

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