Stand Strong

When people say things
hurtful and mean
your tower of strength
begins to lean

When their words shake
your very foundation
your walls crumble
at the vibration

You wonder how
they could be so callous
to seek and destroy
your well built palace

But you work very hard
to hang onto sanity
knowing your reaction
is not just vanity

It's a real blow
to your sensitive soul
at a time when you
were starting to feel whole

But you know that no matter
the chaos they wreak
you are too strong
to again become weak

So you empower yourself
and then stand strong
knowing that the battle
won't last long

Then you walk away
your heart a bit sore
but you know from this
you have grown so much more

That you just have to say
thank you my dear
for making my strengths
so very clear

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