The Joy Heaven Felt
In Loving Memory of Gram Lorraine

There was much ado with good reason
'Cause entrance to heaven was in season

The trees seemed taller than the day before
The sands shone their brightest, on the seashore

The roses had never smelled so fine
The grapes of the earth made the finest wine

The streams pranced merrily like dancers on stage
The air filled with the scent…of thyme and sage

The waves roared louder than an angry lion
The stars held fast, like the belt of Orion

The mountains were as proud as a father to be
The sky was clear…far as the eye could see

The water was as blue as a baby's eyes
And from the ground…flowers did arise

The colors were richer than the wealthiest man
The most peaceful day since time began

Laughing children rang the chimes of the heart
And all of nature was a grand work of art

These things all were, and there'll be no rival
To the joy heaven felt at your pending arrival

Forever in our hearts, Dearest Gram Lorraine
Long after the wind, swept away your pain

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