The White Knight

On the horizon I saw a white knight.
Armor glittering like silvery light.
He keeps me safe when I'm in His arms,
but that's just one of His many charms.

He's always been there to answer my call,
as sure as in autumn the leaves will fall.
He battles my sadness with velvet words,
soothing me like the singing of birds.

He's rosy-warm like the desert sand,
while His spirit dances to a silent band.
The abounding love in His lion heart,
laced through His soul like a work-of-art.

We've shared a lot, had good and bad times,
some sweet like sugar, some bitter as limes.
Then a time came when I drifted away
like the outgoing tide of a pristine bay.

My house no longer felt like a home,
as I wandered lost like ocean foam.
I broke His heart and wounded His pride,
yet loyal as a shepherd He stuck by my side.

He wrapped me in love with angel wings,
lifting my heart, so it once again sings.
Like birds discover their need to fly,
I learned that He's, the star in my sky.

Upon the horizon, I see a white knight,
God's armor glitters, like silvery light.

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