Announcing the newest arrival to our family

Traron Joseph DePaolo

TJ began his life with us on March 14th, 2003
he officially became part of our family on
April 18, 2003 at the age of 3 months old.
TJ is a carrier of Thalassemia
This discovery shows up in Newborn Screening tests as 
Hemoglobin Barts Syndrome.


Oh No! Not More Pictures I don't ask for much Entertaining Mom ~ 1 Entertaining Mom ~ 2 Entertaining Mom ~ 3
Entertaining Mom ~ 4 Entertaining Mom ~ 5 I can outlast Dad Snuggle Mom Swinger ~ 1
Swinger ~ 2 Swinger ~ 3 Goofin' on Mom This means I'm hungry Hey! You're in front of the TV, Sponge Bob is on.
Wanna Dance? Baby Power! Too cool, Mama Just Jellin' It's just too funny
Who you callin' goofy? I Love Daddy It's 6:30am and I don't know where my Mommy is 6:31am ~ Mommy! I'm so happy to see you! Hope I outgrow the hound soon so I can ride Dad's HD
I feel silly in this bunny suit Hey Justice, how come you're not wearing a bunny suit? This Easter Bunny stuff is exhausting

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Updated 10/25/03